Customer Satisfaction


A national cabinet manufacturer wanted to measure the satisfaction of their customers within the following areas:


Ø      Product offering and marketing support

Ø      Sales and service

Ø      Delivery services

Ø      Product quality

Ø      Pricing


In addition, it was important to collect the following market intelligence:


Ø      Benefits and features of the client’s cabinetry line

Ø      Number of years selling the client’s brand

Ø      Competitive brands sold

Ø      Perceived advantages of competitive brands

Ø      Top competitor out of 28 choices

Ø      Forecasts for the home construction and remodeling markets over the next year (increase, decrease, remain the same)



THE WAYMAN GROUP, INC. conducted in-depth telephone interviews with 275 customers of the cabinet manufacturer.  Of the 275 interviews, 175 were conducted with top customers that have shown positive sales growth with the cabinet manufacturer, while 100 interviewers were conducted with customers that have shown the most significant decline.



Respondents were asked to rate the cabinet manufacturer on several attributes using a 1 to 10 scale with “10” being excellent and “1” being “poor”.  Survey results showed that over half of the customers rated the cabinet manufacturer the top two ratings (a 9 or 10) for each of the following attributes:


Ø      Customer service

Ø      Lead times

Ø      On-time delivery

Ø      Accuracy of the orders

Ø      Responsiveness to replacement orders

Ø      Sales representatives

On the other hand, only 25% or fewer rated the cabinet manufacturer a “9” or “10” for the following two attributes.


Ø      Finish selection

Ø      Construction quality


The marketing director used the survey results to confirm the strong showing of their customer service and sales staff team to upper management. The results pointed out that their on-time delivery and responsiveness to orders was a major strength of the company.


The marketing director also referred to the poor showing about finish selection and construction quality as an opportunity for improvement and showing the customers that we care about their needs.