Reader Profile/Readership Study


Increase advertising revenue using research as a sales tool


  • Readership and involvement with your publication: (receivership, readership, # of years reading, # of times reader refers back to a typical issue, passalong audience, shelf life, actions taken as a result of seeing ads in publication) This section will point out the quality/involvement of the reader with your publication. Sales benefit: Readers spend quality time with the publication which means increased exposure to advertisements.
  • Competitive magazine readership: (receivership, readership, which one publication best delivers specific editorial criteria (e.g.; offers information that suggests solutions to your manufacturing problems, best provides ideas and techniques on how to meet the quality demands of customers). This section will uncover your magazine’s competitive advantages. Sales benefit: Survey results will confirm your publication is #1 in the industry.
  • Role in making purchase decisions: (involvement in decision-making by product/ service, # of people involved in making purchase decisions (buying team). This section will highlight the buying power and decision-making authority of readers. Sales benefit: Survey results will confirm that readers buy advertiser’s products, thus, advertisers should continue to place their ads in your publication.
  • Additional classification questions: (chief job function, number of employees, etc.)


  • Up to 10 targeted research fact sheets - (benefit; profiles purchase decision-makers by type of product and reader quality information. All relevant information is shown on a single page, making it user-friendly, easy to sell with, fax, or place in media kit.)
  • Paired magazine comparisons by editorial criteria - (compares respondents who receive, for example, both Client publication and competitor on specific editorial criteria). Only respondents who receive both magazines are included in this analysis. Therefore, the comparison rules out any sample bias, thus adding credibility to survey results.


Survey results and promotional materials will be available one month after the survey is emailed.